The Beauty Pageant School

Are you wanting to win a prestigious pageant title?

Do you want to know the ‘industry secrets’ on how to a be a success in the world of beauty pageants?

Have you the desire to launch your self-made brand?

Do you need to seek ‘Sponsorships’ deals but don’t know how?

Are you responsible for raising charitable funds but need help?

Are you ready to be the BEST and beat the competition?

Then my ‘Beauty Pageant School’ is the perfect place for you. I am here to provide you with all the knowledge, coaching, skills and mindset to help guide, mentor and inspire you to tap into all your natural abilities and talents that will catapult you into stardom and life your dreams as a successful pageant winner.

As a successful cover girl, model and pageant winner myself, I have over 15 years professional experience. I am also a successful coaching mentor, along with my Diploma in Psychology, Sociology, and English I am able to develop everyday girls and help them reach their own unique potential.  Let me help you be the very best you can be. My goal is to show you to look, walk, talk and maximise your opportunities to create yourself into a powerful beauty pageant commodity that will attract you both financial and emotional rewarding benefits while coaching you away from the ‘pitfalls’ and ‘dangers’ the industry can lure you into. How do I know, because I have walked the walk, talked the talk and experienced both the wonderful highs of success and desperate moments of failure. Therefore, I want to share my success with you and help you learn from my losses, so you can avoid the ‘classic industry mistakes’ and be propelled into a wonderful world that is the beauty pageant industry, making your own unique mark and be celebrated for your own successes.

Development Areas ‘The Beaty Pageant School’ Covers:

*How To Be A Successful Model Workshop*

*How To Win A Pageant Title – Beauty Pageant Training*

*Casting & Interview Technique – Training*

*Modeling Essential Toolkit*

*Calkwalk Training*

*Strike A Pose – Photoshoot & Camera Training*

*Makeup, Hair & Style Mentoring – Learn How To WOW Your Audience*

*Networking Skills – Learn How To Open Doors For Your Next Opportunity*

*Plus many more areas of development available upon request*

How The Beauty Pageant School Works:

Option 1: Purchase ‘The Beauty Pageant School’ Taster Session for just £20.00 and book in for your 60 minutes live 1-1 mentoring session with me, via Skype.

Option 2: Attend ‘The Beauty Pageant School’ Workshop. 1 Day event to meet me in person and other students who will be part of the Workshop event. We go through a detailed Workbook for you to take home to refer back upon at any time. We will also have fun with learning how to pose on a real life photographer set and practice interview technique in front of a live camera. Plus, you will be able to keep your very own mini-portfolio and video to help you launch yourself into the pageant world. This really is a fantastic live event that any aspiring beauty pageant winner must attend. Price upon application.

Option 3: The Beauty Pageant 1-1 VIP Mentoring Service: This service really is the VIP experience and for serious beauty pageant applicants only. For further information please email me directly at